Quality policy

Product certification body “AZSERTCENTER” LLC’s quality policy is an accredited product certification body aimed at achieving, maintaining and recognizing a competent, independent and impartial product.

The main purpose of the activity of  “AZSERTCENTER” LLC in the field of quality as a product certification body is as follows:

Ensuring the conformity of the product in accordance with the field of accreditation in accordance with the current legislation and normative legal documents of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Confirmation of product conformity is to ensure the confidence of all interested parties in the results;
The main tasks of the body in the field of product certification are to ensure the following:

confirmation of conformity of the product in accordance with the law, objectivity, independence and impartiality in the course of work;
compliance with the criteria and requirements for accreditation of accredited persons;
timely informing the customer about the results of conformity assessment;
confidentiality of information obtained as a result of clerical work and conditions required for storage of documents;
continuous improvement and protection of the certification body’s (CB) system;
Recognition at the national and international level as an approved certification body in the field of impartial, competent, responsible, open and independent accreditation;
Constantly increase the level of customer service and achieve consumer confidence in the quality of products approved by CB of “AZSERTCENTER” LLC;
To achieve recognition of “AZSERTCENTER” CB as a responsible, independent and impartial certification body by expanding its activities and improving its quality in order to be competitive among organizations providing similar services.
To address the issues raised, the CB leader undertakes the following responsibilities:

To ensure the independence and impartiality of CB when carrying out its activities;
Compliance with the requirements and criteria of accreditation with CB in the manner prescribed by law;
Protect the independence of experts from commercial, administrative and other pressures;
To base its activity on the adopted policy in the field of quality;
Ways of implementation:

Carrying out the confirmation of conformity of the product in accordance with the legislation, normative legal acts, as well as the documents adopted in accordance with the documents related to the approved field of conformity, in accordance with the approved field of accreditation;
Availability of advanced expert auditors and qualified staff, who are constantly acquainted with the achievements in the field of conformity assessment courses, seminars, as well as internal and external sources;
Existence of necessary and highly organized CB;
Strict implementation of the rules of conformity assessment of the product included in the approved accreditation area of ​​the CB and the intended functions of the CB, including:
Production analysis;
Inspection control of certified products;
CB’s from public organizations, government agencies, applicants, local executive authorities, etc. registration of information on complaints about certified products;
Analysis and evaluation of the results of internal quality inspections;
CB, which meets the requirements of national and international standards, is guaranteed by the staff of the product certification body to provide stable quality service to our consumers.

It is the duty of CB staff to familiarize themselves with the quality guidance document and to be guided by current quality policy in their activities.


Director of “AZSERTCENTER” LLC        M.Y. YUSUBOV