Certification of woodworking industry products

Certification of wood materials required to confirm their safety and quality indicators. Passage of such a procedure is required. Certification of materials, products and structures is carried out in the form of a declaration issued at the gas station system. According to regulations for certain types of specified products provides design, as well as a certificate confirming the state registration. If building materials fire hazard, according to the law need to get them a certificate.

Passage of the procedure for establishing the safety and quality of this product is a must. The materials to be certified in the system of gas stations:

  • DES plates for furniture;
  • MDF veneer;
  • boards for floors and furniture;
  • doors;
  • laminate.

The manufacturer, which did not pass the certification, has the right to carry out the implementation of the said goods. The law obliges the issue:

  • certificate of conformity of finishing materials (including on the facing products);
  • permit on safety flooring;
  • certificate confirmation of the quality of thermal insulation materials;
  • document authorizing the implementation of thermal and acoustic insulation products;
  • safety certificate for roofing materials;
  • document compliance with quality goods intended for waterproofing;