Certification of household products

Today, all the household goods are divided into two groups: products for domestic use and the products having long term use.

In turn, they are divided into specific sub-categories. So, for the first group of products include the following products: products, which is the basis of the paper; batteries and lightbulbs; means for personal hygiene; detergent compositions; products made of plastic; cosmetic tools.

This category also includes food products in a packaging.

Whereas among the products intended for long-term use, allocate such groups of goods: sports and leisure; haberdashery products; kids toys; sanitary devices; household appliances; furniture and accessories; kitchen utensils and appliances.

What does certification

If the certification of compliance of household goods, consumers can be assured of their quality. Also, the document guarantees the safety of the product. In turn, the certificate for durable goods indicates that the product is not defective, counterfeit, harmful to human health. It eliminates the illegal movement of goods across the border at 100%.

In addition, certification of consumer goods has other advantages. Detailed information about the benefits of the document can be obtained by contacting our managers by phone.