Certification of PVC profiles for doors and windows

Polyvinyl chloride is obtained from natural raw materials and consists of 43% ethylene and bound chlorine. PVC stands out as a powder, in which stabilizers, modifiers and special additives are added to produce profiles.

PVC material has both advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of PVC profiles include:

flammability and self-extinguishing ability;
resistance to alkali, acids and weathering;
when processing polyvinyl chloride, only color is lost, and the remaining characteristics of the raw materials remain.

The disadvantages of this material include deformation under load at high temperatures. Therefore, in the manufacture of PVC windows and doors, reinforcing reinforcing inserts are used. And also PVC is not a “living” living material.

The criterion-forming main factor is the wall thickness of the PVC profile. Wall thickness is a characteristic of dimensional stability and strength of profiles. This parameter indirectly determines how long the window will last, how much it will reliably maintain shape under the influence of operational and other loads.

In accordance with this classification, the external and internal walls of the PVC profile are distinguished:

external – external walls of the PVC profile, which form its shape on the front (external) sides, visible in an already installed window (outside and inside);
internal – also external walls of the profile, but not visible to the eye in the installed window. These are surfaces that face the wall into which the window is installed, as well as those surfaces that support the glass filling of the structure.

Currently, certification of PVC profiles is carried out in the form of a declaration of conformity with the requirements of the Technical Regulations. The certificate of conformity, duly prepared and registered in a single register, guarantees the quality and safety of the product, as well as obtaining a customs mark. Certificates confirm safety, and also determine the quality, fire resistance, heat and noise insulation of plastic windows.