Petrochemical product certification

The chemical and petrochemical industry is the bearer of scientific and technological progress and a major supplier of raw materials, semi-finished products, various materials and products (plastics, chemical fibers, tires, varnishes and paints, dyes, mineral fertilizers) to all industries, agriculture, and the service sector, trade, science, culture and education, the defense complex, has a strong impact on the scale, direction and effectiveness of their development. The production of chemical products is a labor-intensive technological process that requires the presence of special equipment and qualified personnel with professional skills. Therefore, to ensure normal conditions for the production process of chemical products, the production of certain types of chemical and petrochemical products is subject to mandatory certification.

LLC “AZSERTCENTER” carries out certification of petrochemical products. Having a quality certificate will significantly increase customer confidence in your products, as they will be confident in the safety and quality of the goods.