Certification of building materials and equipment

Certification of building materials products is the process of confirming the compliance of building materials with the standards of documents approved by the legislative bodies of the state.

Declaration may be subject to the following types of construction and finishing materials: paints – it enamels, primers, varnishes, zinc oxide, Ultramarines for paints, cadmium pigments and building construction, they include joinery – windows and doors balcony blocks of aluminum alloys and plastics plywood products, wood-based plate, glazing.


Construction materials and equipment include:

1. Dry mixes and primers

Floor mixes
Plaster profiles and lighthouses
Masonry and plaster nets
Fiberglass and fiberglass
Cement and Bulk Materials
Sand concrete
Assembly and masonry mixtures
Mixtures for laying stoves and fireplaces
Glues for tile, stone and insulation
Small projects (small packaging)
Mortar Additives

2. Blocks for construction

Building blocks
Tongue-and-groove plates
Glass blocks

3. Metal

Fittings, corners, pipes
Screw piles

4. Roof and gutter

Metal tile
Soft tile
Roll roofing
Wavy sheet
Roofing mastics
Accessories for soft roofing
Linear drainage

5. False ceilings and accessories

suspended ceilings
Accessories for slatted ceilings
Mineral and cassette ceilings
Profiles and angles for false ceilings

6. Construction equipment

Building stairs
Towers are construction
Concrete mixers
Construction Safety Products
Accessories for towers and platforms

“AZSERTCENTER” LLC also certifies the following materials:

Cement, general construction cement. Sulfate-resistant cement; Clay and high clay soil; Portland cement and slag Portland cement. Cement for mortar. Concrete mixture. Reinforced concrete. Heavy and fine concrete. Chemically resistant concrete. Road, asphalt mix and asphalt concrete. Additives for mortars and concrete. Mortar. Gypsum adhesive. Glues – for cement (hydraulic) tiles, ceramics and floor tiles. Grinding concrete walls. Concrete slabs for paving. Reinforced concrete pipes resistant to high pressures.