Certification of services

Certification of services in the AZS system confirms that the services provided by the organization meet the standards and norms specified in national standards.
The presence of approved certificate will allow your company:

– Verify the quality and safety of the activity;
– Participate in government tenders;
– Cooperate with large customers;
– Increase the trust of clients and investors;
– Strengthen the company’s reputation in the market.

Certification of services in Azerbaijan can be carried out not only according to national standards of our country, but also within the framework of the international ISO system.

Stages of certification of services:
– Filing an application.
– Definition of the certification scheme.
– Evaluation of the company and the services offered in accordance with the standards.
– Making a decision on the compliance (non-compliance) of services with requirements.
– Registration of the certificate.
Documents required for certification of services
In order for the “AZSERTCENTER” certification body to begin preparing for the process of obtaining permits for your company’s services, it is necessary to submit the following documents:
– TIN, Primary State Registration Number
– information on the services provided and confirmation of their actual provision;
– list of standards used in the provision of services;
– application for a certificate.