Certification of sealing and insulation products

Sealing materials include stuffed materials. Gasket materials are used to seal detachable parts of engines, transmission sumps and other components of automobiles with the aim of sealing them. Gaskets are sometimes used when adjusting individual joints. Stuffed materials are used to seal gaps between moving parts of mechanisms, as well as to protect friction units from dust, dirt and water. Sealing gaskets are divided into gaskets with a polymer and metal base. Polymer-based materials include paper, asbestos, rubber, fiber, parchment, and metal-based materials include aluminum, copper, brass, lead, carbon steel, and high alloy steel.

For various auxiliary equipment, asbestos cardboard, asbestos fabrics (GOST 6107-78), asbestos cords and threads (GOST 1779-83), asbestos tapes (GOST 14256-78), paronite, and also crushed asbestos for thermal insulation are used.

When repairing automotive electrical equipment, various electrical insulating varnishes, mica, micanite, insulation tape and paper, varnishes, as well as various plastics (electrotechnical textolite, getinaks electrotechnical, etc.), rubber and pressboard are used.

Insulating varnishes are made on the basis of bitumen asphalt (BT-980, -987, -988, -999), glyphthalic (GF-95), rosin (KF-965), polyurethane (UR-973, -976) and other film formers.

Facing tile is a modern material widely used in the decoration of buildings, premises, swimming pools, etc. The variety of types of tiles, its high performance, adaptability to various external conditions, excellent appearance – all these factors contribute to strengthening its position in the construction market.

1. Facing materials

Decorative rock
Front panels
Accessories for facing materials
Siding Accessories
Accessories for facade panels
Cleaners and impregnations for stone
Cladding adhesive

2. Sheet materials

Gypsum fiber sheets
Drywall profile and mounting accessories
Sealing tape and gypsum plasterboard

3. Insulation materials

Thermal insulation
Vapor barrier

4. Paving slabs and drainage channels

Drainage geotextile
Drainage channels
Paving slabs

“AZSERTCENTER”  LLC carries out certification of all types of construction, sealing and insulation products, additives, facing stones and panels, profiles and accessories.