Certification of paints, varnishes and similar coatings

Printing is a branch of industry engaged in the manufacture of printed products, namely book, magazine, business, newspaper, label and packaging products. Printing products are the main media and communication between people, scientific knowledge, a means of political struggle and expression of public opinion, as well as the custodian of spiritual values ​​of all centuries and peoples. Currently produced printed products are very diverse in type, purpose and technical design.

The production of paints, varnishes and similar materials for coating, printing inks and mastics is divided into several types:

– manufacture of paints, enamels and varnishes;
– production of finished pigments and dyes, mufflers and paints;
– the production of vitreous enamels and glazes, as well as engobes and similar substances;
– production of mastic;
– production of putties and fireproof putties and primers;
– production of complex organic solvents and diluents;
– production of finished compounds for the removal of varnishes and paints;
– production of printing ink

“AZSERTCENTER” LLC provides certification services for goods: Ready-to-use oil paints. Water based paints. Water-based finish with structural textures (for indoor and outdoor use). Lucky. Alif. Solid granular oil paints. Nitrocellulose varnishes and processing. Pearlitic plaster and glue. Paint and paints. Paints, varnishes and similar covers, press paints and mastics. Products that are not subject to mandatory certification, as a rule, are certified by entrepreneurs on a voluntary basis. Advantages of a voluntary quality assessment:

  • increasing competitiveness;
  • the possibility of receiving government orders for printed goods;
  • the opportunity to participate in tenders;
  • expansion of the consumer circle;
  • increase in sales growth, etc .;