Certification of generators, valves and stabilizers

Generator – a kind of equipment used to convert various types of energy. They are universal equipment with a broad area of application, used on construction sites, as backup power sources in emergency situations, in everyday life. For owners of private homes generators have become an integral part of the power system. Due to the fact that the generators are potentially dangerous equipment, they are subject to high requirements.

Certification generators – one of the services provided by the company AZSERTCENTER. Procedure requirements of standards conformity generators may differ depending on the type of fuel used. Today the most common types of equipment are diesel, petrol and gas generators.

The certificate is issued to the generator according to the rules defined by the standards. In general, the procedure is carried out according to similar steps, but may have different nuances depending on the type of equipment. The most difficult type of gas generators are. Confirmation of compliance is carried out under the schemes used for certification of gas equipment. Availability of permits for a generator is a prerequisite for its operation.

Voltage stabilizers are subject to mandatory certification.

Depending on the application, share option 2 certification voltage regulators:

• Certification of industrial voltage stabilizers

• Certification of household and similar voltage stabilizers

The work on the certification of voltage regulators need to carry out tests of control samples, conduct production testing for compliance with the processes in the quality control of the product.

Certification of valves may be mandatory only in AZS National Certification System – learn accurate information about whether the product is subject to compulsory certification, you can contact us. Our experts will also help you with registration of voluntary certification of compliance, if required to confirm the quality of the products, or if mandatory certification is not intended for this product.