The procedure for the recognition of foreign certificates

The procedure for the recognition of foreign certificates.
The procedure for recognition includes the following activities:
The applicant

– Submission an application for certification work with attached documents.
List of required documents:
1. Product information (passport, operation manual, packaging and storage instructions).
2. Certificates and declarations confirming the quality and safety of the products to be certified (for example, declarations of compliance with European standards, certificates issued by national certification systems, etc.).
3. Test reports.
The set of documents attached to the application for certification of products can be specified by the certification body and supplemented with reference to specific conditions.
Certification body
– Analysis of documents submitted by the applicant;
– Taking decision on issuance of certificate;
– Price offer;
– Conclusion of a contract;
– Issuance of a certificate
within 7 working days after payment; within 1 day with additional payment.
To recognize the certificate of conformity, the applicant sends an application to an accredited certification body. To the application, in addition to a copy of the certificate, the documents established by the certification body (the list is listed above) must be attached. The certification body analyzes all submitted documents and materials. The task of the analysis is not only to establish the possibility of recognition, but also to determine the need for additional tests. If a foreign certificate is recognized, the certification body issues a certificate in the Azerbaijani language, registers it in the State Register of the Certification System and passes it to the applicant within 7 working days. If the certification body does not recognize a foreign certificate, the applicant is informed of the reasons for non-recognition.
The Certificate Validity Term is one year.
The basis for the recognition of the certificate can be documents proving the conformity of the goods in international (regional) certification systems, as well as bilateral and multilateral agreements on mutual recognition of test results, in which Azerbaijan participates. The procedure for recognizing the certificate is carried out before the delivery of the goods to the territory of Azerbaijan.
The principle of a single window operates in our certification body. On your part, it is enough to provide only the necessary documents to our certification body. We will issue certificates in a short period of time and  carry out their registration in the state register. At the same time, you do not need to visit the office of our body – all questions can be solved by e-mail and by phone.