Certification of bricks and ceramic stones

Brick is one of the most sought-after building materials. It is used in the construction of residential, industrial, commercial, special facilities. The operational properties of the building or structure as a whole depend on how high-quality, durable and environmentally friendly the material will be.

The certificate of conformity confirms that the brick has passed the necessary tests, and its use in accordance with the instructions will give the results declared by the manufacturer.

Take advantage of our offer in order to get the supporting document as quickly as possible, as well as conclude profitable contracts for the supply of building material and be able to vouch for its quality to the client.

Certification of brick and ceramic stone is one of the services provided by AZSERTCENTER. The general product classifier divides the brick according to the source material and manufacturing technology into the following types of brick:

  • front and ceramic;
  • acid resistant;
  • silicate facial;
  • talc magnesite;
  • silicate and slag;
  • large brick blocks;
  • construction (including stones);
  • brick and ceramic hollow stones;
  • penodiatomitic, diatomitic, trepidny.

Having a quality certificate will significantly increase the confidence of customers in your products, as they will be confident in the safety, durability and quality of the brick.

Experts subject the brick to a series of checks and tests. They establish whether its strength, resistance to various types of exposure, environmental friendliness and other characteristics correspond to the declared indicators. All this allows us to conclude how much the brick will be safe and effective in use.