Certification of light industry products

Production and sales of clothing is one of the basic sectors of the economy and the state to establish uniform safety standards for all production facilities industry.

To produce and sell clothing and related products, the company must obtain a document confirming the safety of products and their compliance with established standards.

Our company, through its Qualified Certification body proposes to issue the relevant documents for the following product:

  • Shoes made of leather, textile materials, artificial and synthetic leather, composite, rubber, polymer, rubber-textile, polymer and textile, felted
  • Leather goods: handbags, backpacks, briefcases, backpacks, traveling bags, holdall, wallets, folders, luggage straps, like, gloves, mitts, belts, belt and watch, materials for footwear and leather goods: leather, fur natural, artificial and synthetic leather, artificial fur, textile materials, felt and nonwovens
  • Clothing and articles of textile materials, leather
  • Knitwear: underwear and swimwear, tops, hosiery, glove, scarves and hats, knitted fabric, artificial fur knitting
  • Clothing and Sewing: outerwear Coat-costume assortment platevye-range blouses, shirts, tops, products sewing linen and blankets, hats, bed linens
  • Clothing, fur and combined, hats, collars, cuffs and trim, hats, gloves and mittens, socks, stockings, sleeping bags, and the like
  • Skins fur and sheepskin tanned, coatings and products of machine production method