Certification of auto parts and accessories

For the drivers and the pedestrians, the vehicles represent an increased danger. And, often, accidents and road accidents occur due to poor production of auto parts, which is why the operation, they can not withstand loads imposed on them. Therefore, to obtain a certificate for spares is extremely important by producers and consumers for buying check for the document, which confirms the proper quality of purchased goods.

Today, parts are classified as follows:

  • The engine and vehicle cooling system;
  • Parts of the gas distribution system;
  • Body parts (these include: trunk bumper, door, hood, glass);
  • Fuel supply system (this tank and pump);
  • Braking system;
  • Torque transmitting device;
  • Electrical equipment (lights dashboard, wires, relays, spark plugs, headlights).

More recently, a certificate for spare parts was required to obtain certification system AZS.On signed it on the form. In addition to the certification authority met all requirements in terms of the legal system of technical regulation, as the field of conformity assessment, or subject it should use the state regulations. Required certificate for spares. To date, the mandatory certificate for spare parts is made in the form of a certificate of conformity or a declaration, both documents must satisfy the requirements of the Technical Regulations. Get it needs to be on those parts which are listed in this TP. It is important that the mandatory order of registration of this document may also depend on whether there is a certificate for a technical device itself, which will be used for replacement parts. When crossing the border parts of the country, if a copy of this certificate will be given the presentation at customs inspection certificate is required. In other cases it is necessary to issue a certificate for the party, and, in this document need to specify the entire list of goods that cross the border. Unconditionally certificate required for parts that belong to the category of the most dangerous in terms of impact on the safety of the vehicle and its devices and systems, for example, the engine control system and a brake, and other electrical equipment. Required certificate for spares can make out only in the presence of the test report of the product samples. Therefore, when referring to the certification center, and thus will need to provide laboratory samples required number of qualified goods to its safety in the field of research. Get the required certificate for spare parts can be on the scheme relating both to the mass production of products, and in each specific game. When the certificate is issued to the producer on it during the term of this document can be transported by any number of parts. In other cases, this document is allowed to move across the border only a certain number of spare parts. Required for customs clearance certificate compulsory regulation for parts – it is non-tariff method of import and export of goods. Voluntary certificate for spares The competitive ability of goods is important for the manufacturer, and its increase could be achieved through a voluntary conformity assessment of products. Certificate for the voluntary nature of the parts may be designed as parts for which compliance is required to confirm and for all other types of spare parts. For registration of voluntary certification for spare parts, please contact the certification body. If there is an appeal to the certification body that has accredited the certificate is issued pursuant to standards.