Certification of cars (including special purpose vehicles)

Automotive certification and inspection of spare parts of cars on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan shall be mandatory, in accordance with the law “On Road Traffic Safety”. All vehicles are divided into categories – cars, trucks, public transport. Vehicle classification is in accordance with certain features. According to the classifier of products, distinguish these types of transport:

  • Passenger car – has a mass less than 3500 kg, intended for the carriage of passengers and baggage. Cars are closed cars (sedan, limousine, coupe, hatchback, wagon and van) and with bodies, which removed the top (cabriole, roadster, the landau and a phaeton).
  • Off-road – the car adapted for movement outside of paved roads. SUVs typically have all-wheel drive and other features.
  • Pick – Utility modification on the basis of a passenger car or SUV with an open platform with the tailgate. Capacity from 150 to 4500 kg.
  • Racing car – a car designed specifically for sporting events, as well as to establish speed records, and so on.
  • A truck (lorry) – Car for transportation of goods. On truck chassis also produces specialized vehicles and special purpose.
  • Terrain Vehicle
  • The vehicle is especially big load capacity
  • Bus – Vehicles for the transport of more than 8 passengers
  • Trolley – Vehicles designed to carry more than 8 passengers, powered with electricity from an external contact wire.
  • Electric car – the car uses electric power to move of their own batteries or batteries.
  • Hybrid car – efficient car that uses both electric and traditional internal combustion engine

Automotive certification is carried out on the basis of existing technical regulations, AR:

  • Regulations on the Safety of wheeled vehicles;
  • TP of harmful emissions produced in the atmosphere of various household appliances;
  • Regulation on the requirements for fuels used for fueling vehicles;
  • Technical regulations for vehicles that run on gaseous fuels;
  • TR requirements to motor gasoline;
  • Regulation on the safety of roads

Conformity assessment according to the legal requirements depends not only on the car itself, but also on the emissions of harmful substances from the fuel on which they operate. Based on current technical regulations mandatory confirmation of conformity for cars is required in several certification bodies.

The certification bodies, which are registered in the public register, can be issued a document compliance on environmental cleanliness class of a particular engine.

Euro type certificate is issued as a separate document. Class engine cleanliness can be specified in the certificate or the passport of technical means to import cars at the intersection of the load line, if this information is already entered into the national database engine cleanliness class (for a particular car).

Without information about the emissions of cleanliness, class of pollutants an engine cannot be the state registration of the vehicle.